EPIC failure, but yay for happy hour!

So Friday night I did something I rarely do – act my age. Oh yes, devoted readers, I went out to a party and drank a wee bit too much. I must say though, I had a pretty good time – and I’m not even a fan of Halloween. People dressing up all weird, and acting different is on the long list of the things that freak me out.

Anywho, Friday’s adventures led to a highly unproductive Saturday. Soooo, I did not get around to posting about all the fun Halloween events in Boston. I apologize, dear readers.

I dropped the ball on this one – nothing really I can say to make up for it. I can recommend a happy hour though.

Tomrrow, Monday, and every Monday, Sel de la Terre has some wonderful specials. From 5-7 p.m. they offer $5 cocktails, and $1 appetizers. A few weeks ago, Anne and I enjoyed some wonderful tequila ginger cocktails. I’ll be there tomorrow – see ya there!

Sel de la Terre is located at 774 Boylston St., right by the Mandarin Oriental.

Mmmm, cocktails – no better way to start the week.


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