A picture is worth a thousand words

So these past few days in Boston, we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy beautiful weather. Well, beautiful for November, that is. Yesterday, I was walking around with just a light sweater sans scarf. It was fantastic. So, in honor of our beautiful weather, I’ve decided to use Playground (HAHAHA, I just realized the abbreviation for this blog would be BIMP – so instead of that, I’ll just use ‘Playground.’ I’m glad I can crack myself up) anyway, I’ve decided to use Playground to showcase my good friend Roula Haddad’s photography. Roula is well traveled, and an excellent photographer. These photos are always a great reminder of beautiful days (Maybe I should repost them when we’re in the midst of a snow storm). Enjoy!

Pure beauty.

J’adore, Paris.

Put your hands up for Beirut … I love this city!


Years ago, when I was backpacking through Western Europe, I was just outside Barcelona hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo …

Who knew Canada, home to misfortunes such as Bryan Adams, the Montreal Canadians, and terrible weather, could be so pretty!

This picture will forever make me laugh.

Special thanks to Roula for allowing me to post her photos!


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