Make it work

[One day in fashion you’re in, and the next, you’re out – ❤ Heidi]

Now I know Thursdays are big days to go out – and as you all already know, I’m a big fan of going out. Not tonight, though. Tonight, dear readers, is Part 1 of the Project Runway finale. I love Project Runway, and while at first I was a little uncomfortable with the move from Bravo to Lifetime, from New York to L.A., from Michael Kors to other random guest judges (you get the point), I’ve come to terms with it.

While this season was a little less racy and extreme, you can’t deny the talent on the show. (HELLO, can we forget Carol Hannah’s dress for Christina Aguilera?) Yes, I’m totally on Team-Carol-Hannah. She’s cute, and modest, and makes great dresses. She’s no Mean-a-Irina. I want to see Irina go down in the mere hope she learns the definition of modesty. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But whatever, this girl needs to stop thinking she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

So tonight, friends, at 10 p.m. tune in to Lifetime to view Part 1 of the Bryant Park finale. This is the episode where Tim Gunn travels to the finalists hometowns to check in on their progress. Let’s see what the designers have hidden up their sleeves.


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