Double double, toil and trouble

Time is flying by! How is it already this late in November? This is nuts, Thanksgiving is only a week away. *DEEP BREATHS*

Just today I came to realize how quickly the days race by. My buddy Jeremy is in a theater production of Macbeth and I’ve been meaning to blog about it. All is good, until I realized, there are only two days of production left! UNREAL!

So here’s the deal. Shakespeare Now! Theatre Company , the leader Shakespeare-in-education provider in Massachusetts, adapted the classic ‘Macbeth.’ I went to the show today, and it was great! The play is extremely well done! The director, Steven Maler, has created a modern-day Macbeth. Think ‘Romeo and Juliet’ a la Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes. Only different Shakespeare play. And on stage, rather than the big screen. It was honestly, very, very enjoyable. Grotesquely graphic at times, but nonetheless a very entertaining 2 hours.

So hurry up, dear friends – there are only two shows left. Thursday (11/19) and Friday (11/20). The theater is located at the Mass. College of Art (Tower Auditorium) at 621 Huntington Ave. This is right across the street from the Longwood T stop on the Green Line – E. There is also a 39 bus stop right in front of the building. Tickets cost $10 for students. Here’s the slight catch though: performances are at 10 a.m. The play is intended for high school students (remember how excited you use to get for field trips?!) Today’s performance was jam-packed with teens giggling every time Lady Macbeth recited the word ‘breast.’ Oh, high school.


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