Boston is Beautiful – Part 1

As those of you who regularly read Playground know, this blog is new. It’s still a baby; and like every newborn, it needs constant care, attention and affection. Every day I learn its likes and dislikes. I learn about the things it needs – and this brings me to a new installment.

I’ve decided to start a Boston is Beautiful segment to the blog. I’ll just showcase different pictures I take around the city. I always carry my camera on me. You know, you never know when a photo op will present itself. My camera is kind of like my weapon, it keeps me safe and prepared for any situation I may encounter around the Hub. (This brings me back to high school with Dr. Math Teach calling calculators ‘guns.’ In full disclosure, I was never in his class, but all my close amigas were. Come on people, I’m a writer, I would never take advanced math.) So, my camera is to me, what calculators were to my friends circa 2004. Ok enough with this analogy.

So I took the following pictures Sunday night. I was sitting on my bed, writing an essay on how abstinence-only campaigns are ineffective, and pretty much hating life. I looked up and saw the sun setting. It made me realize, dear readers, that even when you’re stuck indoors writing papers, life isn’t all that bad.

(pretty sweet view from my window, huh? Now you all know what I see the moment I wake up, and the last thing I see before sleeping at night. Weird.)


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