If any of you were around the Boylston area today I’m sure you all witnessed the one day it’s acceptable for Bostonians to be peeping-Toms. Today was the 10th Annual Santa Speedo Run.

Hundreds put on their tightest speedos and braved the cold temperatures ( informs me it’s 32F but feels like 21F out) to run through the streets of Back Bay to raise money for local charities. Last year, approximately $10,000 was raised. Click here to view photos from the 2008 Santa Speedo Run put together by the folks at

This year’s run raised money for Crossroads for Kids and Bottom Line. My photos are definitely not as good as the ones linked to above (hey! it’s hard being the shortest person in the crowd!), but here’s what I got:

(A bunch of people lined Boylston Street to watch the event. These two guys got up on mailboxes for a better view. I should have followed their lead)

(…and the run began…)

(high-fives all around)

(more high-fiving)

(Double trouble: This lady had “Baby on Board” written on her. I wonder if she’ll bring the kid along next year)

(Santa’s very synchronized helpers)

(good times all around)


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