Help some brothers out

I always get excited when a reality show contestants are from Boston. It’s like their appearance on the show, no matter how trashy it might be, is a little shout out to B-town.

The fellas of Beelzebubs, the all-male a cappella group over at Tufts University, are contestants on NBC’s new show “The Sing-Off.” The show premiered tonight, so we unfortunately missed the premiere. The contest won’t be as drawn out as other reality shows – it’s a four-night event. Tune in December 15 and 16 at 8 p.m. Then on Dec. 21 is the big finale again at 8 p.m. Who can resist all those perfectly tuned voices bust pop hits sans instruments? Not this girl.

Visit the show’s main site to vote for the Beelzebubs.

Check the guys out:

(I can’t help but support these guys. Not only are they like a hand-full of Andy Bernard, The Nard Dog, replicas, but they’re from Tufts – my brother’s alma mater.)


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