Who let the dogs out?

Growing up ‘Aladdin’ was my favorite Disney movie. I mean, who can deny a hunk like our dear street rat Aladdin and his friendly monkey Abu? (TIME OUT: A quick Google search and I found out Aladdin was made in 1992. That’s 18 years ago. Holy wow. TIME IN) Anywho, a close second would definitely be ‘101 Dalmatians.’ A love dogs, let alone when there 101 of them.

If you’re around Boston for the holidays, head over to the Wang Theatre. Broadway Across America is bringing The 101 Dalmatians Musical to town.

The musical promises “a surprise grand finale showcasing the tremendous talents of the professional and rescued Dalmatians that will leave audiences cheering!”

The show runs from Dec. 23 – Dec. 27. Showtimes vary and ticket prices range from $28-$75. The Wang Theatre is located at 270 Tremont St. Call 617.482.9393 for more info.

(If I was in Boston I’d definitely go to this. I mean, hellloooo, so many puppies!)


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