They’re back! (and so am I)

Alrighty, my little hiatus is over. I was home for three weeks eating delicious meals and spending some quality family time. It was great – but now, back to the grind.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock here in Boston, you’ve heard of Banditos Misteriosos. Misteriosos is a group of fun-loving everyday people, ready to have fun. They’re committed to bringing Boston alive through a series of free and out of the ordinary events. How can we forget the epic Pillow Fight, or the Silent Dance Experiment? My personal favorite has been the The Revolutionary Water Gun Battle.

Well friends, they’re back with another event to combat the cold. The exact date has yet to be set – it all depends on the weather. Banditos Misteriosos recently announced their Build-a-Snowmandito event. The concept is pretty self explanatory. The goal of the event is to make a garden of snowmen in the middle of the city. Whenever Boston is hit by another snowstorm, head over to Boston Common and start building! Banditos Misteriosos will send out an email with all the details – of course, I will post them here.

Let’s make these snowmen fun, everyone! Bring anything your heart desires to decorate the snowmen. Work in groups, or go solo – just spread the word and have fun!


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