Vampire Weekend impresses with “Contra”

Vampire Weekend’s sophomore album “Contra” was released on Tuesday, and so far, there seems to be a general consensus that this New York band is here to stay.

Their self-titled debut album rocked 2008. Many people loved the band. Many hate them, though. The band’s Ivy League pedigree rubbed many the wrong way. Instead of trying to escape their rich-boy backgrounds, the Columbia University grads embraced it by singing about Cape Cod summers and filming their video on a yacht.

James Reed’s review in The Boston Globe praises the maturity of the band’s second album:

The songs are meatier and dimensional, emboldened by whirling electronics, taut guitar solos, harder drums, disparate textures and moods, and a lyrical self-awareness that perhaps life isn’t just one big basement dance party.

Mike Powell write on that “Contra” is brave music noting that the band has not let go of their quirky musical influences, such as ska and African pop.

Vampire Weekend’s willingness to take cues from a variety of styles makes them thoughtful musicians, but it’s the styles they draw from that makes them contemporary

The Washington Post, in its headline states that it is a privilege to review “Contra.” Chris Richards takes note not only of the band’s intricate tunes, but also on its rich vocabulary.

Such is the case with “Horchata,” an opening track that captures the album’s essence: ornate electronic melodies that are tough to dislike, matched with words that would serve [Ezra] Koenig well in a game of Scrabble.

I must admit, I was a bit late to jump on the Vampire Weekend bandwagon. After a few thorough listens of their debut album though, I was smitten.  Just to think, Pitchfork gave “Contra” an 8.6 out of 10. In Pitchfork language, that translates to an A++. I couldn’t agree more.

Also, keep in mind that Vampire Weekend will be in Boston in April at the Orpheum Theatre. April may be months away, but act fast and get your tickets. Vampire Weekend tickets sell out fast. I’ve been told they put on an amazing live performance. Click here for tickets.

Here’s a little preview of the album: Cousins by Vampire Weekend


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