“Get out of your dorm room and try something new!”

Paper is back! The ultimate dance party for all you pretty young things is headed back to Allston.

Here’s the deal: This Thursday, Feb. 4, head over to Harper’s Ferry, located at 158 Brighton Ave. in Allston (617.254.7380). The night kicks off at 8 p.m. and runs until 2 a.m. As always, the event is 18+ so put on your dancing shoes, leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready to  get down with: DJs Jay-K, Justincredible, Texas Mike, plus live performances by On The Surface, Letterday and Nemes.

I caught up with Andrew Riker, the founder of Paper, and asked him a few questions on what Paper is all about. Check out the Q&A: 

What is Paper? How long has it been going on?

Paper is a indie rock/college dance party that’s open to everyone. We don’t cater to one crowd specifically, we want any person that wanders off the street to have a good time at our event. It’s been going on 4 years now, we just had our anniversary in January.

How often do you host Paper events?

Bi-Weekly at Harpers Ferry in Allston. We have special events though, so it’s best to friend group Paper on Myspace or Facebook.

What can people expect from Paper?

They can expect to get a lot of drinks in them, watch some live local and national bands, meet some fun new people, get sweaty from dancing and get out of their boring dorm room’s and apartments.

Why did you name it Paper? Does the name signify something?

Paper comes in all forms and shapes, colors and textures. Exactly what we want to name a party that isn’t specifically a niche for any one crowd. The bands and music we play is for everyone.

Why do you think Paper has caught on so much? What makes it so fun?

It’s been the biggest 18+ dance party in the city for 4 years for areason. It’s a large room, and each week we pack the place. We offer good local indie rock pop music, with stellar DJs that cater to the crowd. And for 10 bucks … to see 3 bands, 4 DJ’s and a crowd full of people there’s no way to leave unhappy.

What can you tell me about the DJ’s performing on Thursday?

We have 4 DJs on Thursday. Jay-K the DJ, Justincredible, Good Morning Good Night, and Texas Mike. All play a little bit different sets … you’ll have to come to find out. Expect everything from indie rock remixes, to top 40, to electro, pop and hip hop. Basically party bangers.

Any advice you’d give first-time Paper goers? What about Paper veterans?

Bring a valid ID. College IDs don’t cut it. Get there early for the music around 9:30, or the DJ’s around 10:45. The night goes til 1:45 so you have plenty of time to dance your ass off.
Veterans know the deal … to beat the crowd expect to arrive a little bit early. Don’t try to sneak anything into the club either.

What can people expect this Thursday?

Thursday we have 3 bands, with local legends On The Surface coming all the way out from LA. Local bands Nemes and Letterday, and 4 DJs. I mean c’mon, that’s so much entertainment for $10 and 5 hours! Get out of your dorm room and try something new! It’s the spot for freshman into your twenties to hangout at and meet people … or if at the very least crowd watch and listen to good bands and great DJs.

Note: A big thank you to Andrew for taking time for this Q&A. Hope to see you all there this Thursday!


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