Friday night at the Garden


For more photos from the Celtics vs. Nets game, click on the image.


My love for the Boston Celtics is no secret. Friday night, I went to the game against the New Jersey Nets. For a game that was suppose to be a major blowout (the Nets were 4-44) the score was pretty close throughout its entirety. In his story for The Boston Globe, Julian Benbow wrote, “New Jersey was supposed to be to the Celtics what Jimmy Ellis was to Muhammad Ali, sparring partner to a one-time champion trying to regain his crown.” 

Even so, at half time the C’s were trailing the Nets 51-55. Even though the Celtics may not have had their A-game on that did not stop some first-timers from enjoying the game. 

For Evan Christo, 10, this was his first Celtics game. He said his mother got him the tickets as a Christmas gift. Sporting a Kevin Garnett jersey, and with the letters “KG” drawn on his face, he proudly exclaimed Kevin Garnett his favorite player. 

“This is my first game and it’s a lot of fun. I love the Celitcs. I even have a big Celtics-themed room,” he said. 

Evan’s father, Steve, said that he enjoys taking his sons, Evan and Nicholas, to the game. “I use to come when I was younger, I’m reliving my past.” 

Further up the stands, Armin Galliker, 31, a Northeastern computer science graduate student, was attending his first game also. 

“I didn’t really have anything else to do tonight, so I just picked up a ticket. I’m from Switzerland and only have been in Boston for six months, so this is unfortunately my first game.” 

While traditionally a soccer and a hockey fan, Gallaker said he enjoys watching all sports. Before moving to Boston he was a Chicago Bulls fan, but now he follows all Boston sports including the Red Sox and the Patriots. 

Allie Collacchi, 20, was celebrating her dad’s birthday at the game. Though she doesn’t know much about basketball, she said she thinks the Celtics were suffering with the absence of captain Paul Pierce. 

Good news for Allie, it was announced today that The Truth is good to go. Pierce said he is planning on playing against Orlando Magic on Sunday. 

Click here to watch a video of Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo talk about the Celtics win of the Nets, courtesy of the folks over at


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