Jennifer Lord Paluzzi visits NU

We had another visiter in my Reinventing the News class. This time we were visited by Jennifer Lord Paluzzi, a journalist turned entrepreneur. Her story was an interesting one: She worked as a professional journalist, but when she was laid off  she started her own blog. When she was laid off, she said she was told that her “journalism career was over.” Little did they know. 

While at the MetroWest Daily News, Lord Paluzzi took note of the internet boom. She learned to post things to the paper’s website. She learned everything from film to photoshop to blogs and digital photography.  

“When we started to do video on the website, I volunteered to do all the video and editing. I was looking down the line and thinking that the journalism industry was going away. I needed a plan B.”

Her plan B was a wordpress site called The Greater Grafton Blog. Lord Paluzzi said that she could not rely on the town’s main newspaper for information. One day, she decided to take matters into her own hands and started writing. 

“We have video and we have photos. If a town comes up with something and wants to get it out there, I can get it out there in seconds. For example if a snow day happens, I can have a stream ticker going across the site.”

Her site has expanded and now covers more than six towns. It is so interesting to meet someone who is self-started. Clearly, Jennifer Lord Paluzzi has an extensive journalism background. What is most admirable is that while still at her old job, she recognized an up and coming trend: the Internet. I believe it’s important to be able to look to the fast-approaching future and recognize new trends. Clearly, it worked very well for her. I think what she had to say to the class was an important for all journalism students to know. In a time when most professionals tell us to change our majors, Lord Paluzzi’s story teaches us that with a little willingness, persistence, and hard work we can make it as journalists. 

She also said one of the most hopeful thing I’ve heard in a while: 

“We are the only business in Massachusetts that is hiring reporters.” 

Ah, we can now all take a breath of fresh air.


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