Steve Garfield visits NU

Earlier this week, Steve Garfield, longtime video blogging expert, visited my Reinventing the News class. Garfield works with companies such as AT&T, Nokia, Kodak and and Panasonic, as well as media outlets like CBS, ABC and PBS. He came to our class to talk about taking video while reporting. The next chapter of the class will be on  taking video, so Garfield kindly joined us to offer his words of wisdom.

Garfield first spoke about the importance of “owning your name.” He was referring to a number of social media sites. He has linked all his websites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) so they all include his name. For example, you can find Steve Garfield on Twitter @stevegarfield. I think this is an important thing for all journalists to do, as it makes it easier to have people follow you. Now, if you’re like me and you have an extremely long last name, for the sake of making it easier, it might be worth finding an abbreviation and sticking with that.

Garfield later showed the class he shot in which he was abruptly interrupted by a woman who started asking questions. Garfield said that while many journalists would have chosen to shut the camera off and ask this woman to leave, he kept the tape rolling.

“What I was doing was capturing what was happening. Some reporters might that that’s not the right thing to do or that she wasn’t doing the right thing. Obviously, though, she was the one that came right at the camera.”

Finally, a fellow student asked a very interesting question: How can you do video blogging while still making a living?

Garfield’s advice:

“Get a job that gives you money and pursue this as a hobby on the side. My passion was video producing but couldn’t support myself at it. Get all the experience and get really good at things. Don’t discount doing stuff because it’s for free.”

Hopefully with more assignments coming up, I’ll be able to share some fun videos with you all!


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