Everyone deserves a fine meal

Only 48 hours remain until Boston’s 5th Winter Restaurant Week kicks off! Words cannot describe how excited I am. You see, I love food – perhaps a little too much. The one thing about living in Boston is that eating out can get really pricey. That’s why I, personally, only do it on special occasions. That, and being a health nut – but that’s an entirely different story.

Restaurant Weeks, provides all of us that are not rolling around in a big pile of cash, the opportunity to check out some of the finer restaurants of the area we usually wouldn’t go to. More than 225 restaurants from Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, and Brookline will offer prix-fixe three-course dinner and lunch, and a two-course light lunch.

Here’s the deal. The week kicks off on Sunday, March 14 and will run through March 19 and again from March 21 to March 26. The cost is $15.10 for a two-course lunch, $20.10 for a three-course lunch, and $33.10 for dinner.  These prices are per person and do not include beverages.

There’s a slight catch, though. Don’t expect to walk in to a South End restaurant and be seated immediately. I strongly recommend making reservations beforehand. Online reservations for most restaurants can be made at OpenTable.com. Nothing’s worse than roaming the streets on an empty stomach trying to find a place to seat your large party. Trust me, been there, done that.

Check out the website for a list of all the restaurants. You can browse by neighborhood, or view the restaurants alphabetically.

So act quick and book a table. I’ve already made reservations to Antico Forno in the North End because everyone knows I’m a complete sucker for their gnocchi.

Bon appetit everyone!

Photo (cc) by Lachlan Hardy and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.


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