A field trip to GlobalPost HQ

Charles Sennott, executive director or GlobalPost

Last week my Reinventing the News class ventured to the North End to visit the GlobalPost headquarters. GlobalPost is carving a new path for the future of journalism, especially in terms of foreign  reporting. While traditional newspapers are closing down their foreign bureaus, GlobalPost has found a way to excel in foreign correspondence.

I’m somewhat new to GlobalPost. I usually turn to the New York TimesBBC, and NPR for my international news.  What’s really cool about GlobalPost is that all the reporters are on the scene. The office in the North End is pretty small; only a few people work there. Everyone else is scattered around the world. I really like the topic of the stories because you can really tell that this is reported from someone on the scene, rather than from a thousand miles away via phone calls. I particularly like the stories A big step for woman, and for Indian democracy, and Yves Saint Laurent takes Paris – again. I like that these are more feature stories, something I don’t come across too often when getting my daily international news.

While GlobalPost offers some great stories, I don’t think it will turn into my sole source of international news. I see it more as a supplement. I think other sources like the New York Times and BBC are a little better in terms of following up with stories and providing consistent updates. With that said, GlobalPost has only been around for one year, so only time will tell what the site will be like in the future.

Charles Sennott and Seamus Murphy visited Afghanistan and Pakistan and put together an excellent piece of journalism called Life, Death and the Taliban. It is very obvious a lot of work was put in to this package. The video story One family, one secret is a great story, and I recommend everyone checks it out. The one thing about this package is that it is a little overwhelming. Sennott and Murphy clearly have a lot of material, which I am sure was very difficult to sort through it all. Even so, when I opened up the page, I didn’t know where to begin, which story to read first or which video to watch first.

GlobalPost also has a very interesting Study Abroad section produced by college students. It’s really cool to read stories from the perspective of someone my own age. It must be really difficult to report in a foreign country in which you do not speak the native country. I asked my roommate if this would be something she would have done while she was in Beijing. Her response was that she would love to but it would be “totally impossible,” because of the language barrier. Even so, it’s a cool idea and it’s great to see college kids engaged in this project. It’s easy to fall into the loop of just having too much fun while abroad, so it’s nice to see students getting something more out of their experience.


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