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I’ve come to really appreciate all that Twitter has to offer. While there are a lot of people on it that use it to point useless, mundane statuses of their everyday lives, there are a lot of people who put it to good use. I really rely on it, especially in terms of finding new and exciting events worth posting on the this blog.

I want to share a few of these Twitter feeds with you, in case you want to follow them as well.

1) @BostonTweet: This guy knows Boston better than everyone combined. Tweets are updated multiple times a day. The updates provide us with things going around in the city. The tweets cover it all – everything from cover charges at bars on St. Patrick’s day, to what restaurants will be serving. For the past 24 hours or so, the updates have been very St. Patrick’s Day heavy. I can’t blame him, this is Boston, after all.

2) @WeeklyDig: Boston’s snarkiest news organization posts about upcoming events, as well as content from their recent issue. It’s something worth following because often they’ll run contests and give away free concert tickets, put you on guest lists, or at the very least, provide you with a good laugh.

3) @bostoncalendar: This is the Twitter of the Things to Do section of They have all the daily happenings at some of Boston’s most popular venues, like The Middle East and the House of Blues. If you’re looking for a focus on Cambridge, check out @bostoncalendar2.

4) @plrgvintage: Poor Little Rich Girl is a local vintage store with locations in Davis Square, in Cambridge, and on Newbury St. They often tweet about discounts at their store, but occasionally post cool events they know about.

5) @BostonDailyDeal: Again by, and again about bargains in the city.

6) @thestylefyle: Put together by my good pal Megan Jicha, this feed will provide more fashion insight. Look out for the Daily Deal for opportunities to look good, but save money doing it.

7) @BackBayUpdate: This is another Twitter account by the folks at As the name suggests, this gives updates on the Back Bay area. BackBayUpdate differs from BostonCalendar as it promotes more sophisticated events. BostonCalendar will inform you about indie rock shows, while this Twitter feed gives you all the info on art galleries, symphonies, and jazz clubs.

8 ) @OddBostonEvents: Another great Twitter account by Johnny Monsarrat. As you can assume by the name, Monsarrat provides us with all the quirky happenings around Boston. Like what, you ask? Check this from earlier this week: “TONIGHT: Boston Massacre re-enactment in Boston. TOMORROW: Train Show and Oscar-watching events.”

9) @bostonist: All Bostonians should follow Bostonist (and read the blog). This will keep you all up-to-date on everything you need to know about this fine city. From a comedy review of Norm MacDonald at the Wilbur Theatre to pot-hole updates, Bostonist will keep you in the loop.

10) @GameOnFenway: I follow quite a few Boston bars, but I think Game On does a great job. Get updates on happenings at the bar and look out for ticket give-aways. Follow them for a chance to win tickets for the sold-out Dropkick Murphy show tomorrow night.

Now, with all this said, follow Boston is a Playground on Twitter. I just started it up, so look up for upcoming tweets!


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