The Donkey Show!

Click on image for more photos from The Donkey Show

On Friday night, my friends and I finally made it over to Cambridge to see The Donkey Show. No words can truly define what The Donkey Show is – think Shakespearian comedy meets Studio 54. The Donkey Show tells the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream through 70s tunes including, “I love the Nightlife,” “Car Warsh,” and “Ring My Bell.”

I tried covering the show on Twitter (via @bstnplayground). This was my first time using my phone to tweet about an event. Despite having the oldest cell phone known to man, it was fun recapping the night as it was happening. While it was fun, there were things I found pretty difficult. I wish I was able to use photos with my tweets. I feel like that would have definitely enhanced the Twitter experience. The biggest obstacle was the actual recap. The Donkey Show is such a unique experience and there were so many things happening simultaneously, that it was almost impossible to describe the night. I couldn’t find the words to describe The Donkey Show to my roommate the morning after, let alone in 140 characters.

To my friends I already sound like a broken record, but in all seriousness, everyone must check out The Donkey Show! It is the most fun I have had in Boston in a long time. I mean, how can you turn down a night full of glitter, confetti, dance, and 70s music? I know I can’t. It was extra fun for me because my buddies Rachel and Samson actually perform in the show so seeing familiar faces made it all the more fun.

So for those of you interested, here are the details: The show is put on by the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) at the Oberon theater on 2 Arrow St., Cambridge. It’s a very short walk from the Harvard Square T stop on the Red Line. The performances are at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights only. Student tickets cost $25 (before tax) and regular tickets are $35. There’s no definite end date yet, since they just extended the performances through the summer. That may be a lot of money for a broke college student (and believe me, after Spring Break, I really understand broke) but it’s completely worth it. Trust me on this one.


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