Final Project Proposal

As I have mentioned before,this blog is part of my Reinventing the News class. Many of the blog posts have been assignments (fun and educational. win and win).

For our final project we have to profile someone in the media industry. In my case, who better to profile than the man who runs You see, a few weeks ago, my classmate Rachel Kossman did a presentation on his website and twitter account. Tom O’Keefe is putting citizen journalism in the hands of every Bostonian by allowing them to report the news and events through tweets, pictures and videos.

I have sent out an email in hopes of interviewing him, but I have yet to hear back. In terms of other people to interview, I’m hoping to get in touch with some of these citizen journalists, as well as businesses that may have benefitted from mentions by Boston Tweet. I’ll also try to hunt down other local events bloggers to see what they think about Boston Tweet. One blogger that I think would be interesting to talk to would be the person who runs since their missions are somewhat similar. It would probably be a good idea to find a media-expert to interview who could give some insight on the idea of citizen journalism.



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2 responses to “Final Project Proposal

  1. Rachel

    I would definitely suggest trying to talk to managers at Anna’s Taqueria, Boloco and the House of Blues in Boston. These are all places that BostonTweet frequently includes in his twitter updates, and it might be interesting to speak with them about if and how their business is effected by his tweeting.

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