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Dan Gregory and his IDEA

Today in class, Dan Gregory, of Northeastern’s School of Technological Entrepreneurship, stopped by our classroom today to talk about, and encourage us to be our own entrepreneurs. Gregory works with masters students at Northeastern to help them build businesses. He doesn’t teach a traditional classroom and he doesn’t make his students purchase textbooks. He has a more hands-on, real life approach in guiding his students to build their own businesses.

He asked the class to think about our talents, and what skills we could offer a company. As a group of journalists we all agreed that our skills include: writing well, knowing how to gather information, working on deadline, using social media and multimedia, and knowing how to ask the right questions.

This is all great, but in many ways I think making your blog your business is easier said than done. Maybe I’m just being cynical since the job-searching I have done these past few weeks has been disappointing and disheartening, but I just think it takes a whole lot of luck, and the correct timing, to really make journalism your business. There’s no doubt about it that this classroom is full of talented writers and creative thinkers. Even so, I think it is extremely difficult to build your own business from the ground up.

Who said I’m not up for a challenge, though? I must say, I love this blog and I am having a lot of fun maintaining it (OK, OK, I haven’t been great at posting these past few days, but cut me some slack, it’s the last week of school). I plan on continuing this blog even after Reinventing the News is over and done with. Will it ever be a successful business? I don’t know. I cannot predict that. I do know that it will help me keep up with the skills I’ve learned so far.

Gregory told the class in terms of finding a job, we shouldn’t look at ourselves as applicants, but rather as people with a certain set of skills that are adaptable for the company. That’s an awfully optimistic way to look at things, but I like it. I think, as a number of us are getting ready to graduate, it is a great tip on how to keep our chins up.


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